Our success is personal to so many. Join us in Lifting the Limits for PKU. 

Lifting the Limits for PKU is a unique fundraising campaign designed specifically to raise funds for the NPKUA Fund, established to advance the science of PKU through the most promising and peer-reviewed research that will lead to new therapy discoveries and a cure. The main goal of the NPKUA Fund is to have at least one new treatment therapy in FDA clinical trials within the next 5 years. 

We encourage you to join our efforts across the country by hosting an event such as a gala, concert, or other larger scale event concept, and commit to raising at least $100,000 in funds to benefit PKU research. This is an opportunity for you to make a difference in many lives, and help to ultimately find a cure for this rare inherited metabolic disorder.

The only way for us to continue to pursue our goal is through the involvement of people like you, and families like yours. As an example of a dedicated family’s success, Tuxes for Tia was a grand gala held in 2013 that raised over $1 million dollars in one evening! This gala was impetus to our Lifting the Limits for PKU campaign as it set the tone for what we know families and friends can do with the power of love and dedication. Since September 2015, the NPKUA raised over $2 million through the Lifting the Limits for PKU branded campaign.  The events thus far include galas in Nashville, Boston, Seattle, and Buffalo, and two golf tournaments, with auction and dinner in Virginia. It will take many more dollars to achieve our goals. Fortunately, events such as this can be held in other parts of our great nation! This is where we again ask for your help.

We understand that lives are busy, but with support from the NPKUA and our Lifting the Limits Toolkit, an event is much easier to plan and host. You truly can accomplish your goals and in turn, enable us to achieve our vital goals. We cannot do this without your help. For more information on how you can get started with a Lifting the Limits for PKU event in your area, contact Michelle Pernsteiner, Event & Development Coordinator, at michelle.pernsteiner@npkua.org, or call 414-704-7521.