Food is central to our life – not only for essential nourishment, but also an important part of how we celebrate holidays, honor family traditions and experience new regions and cultures.  This doesn’t change when you or a loved one has PKU.   Whether you’re an experienced cook or have rarely stepped inside your kitchen, the following resources can help you integrate low protein food into your life and your celebrations.


Click here to for the delicious recipes Developed by Chef Kevin Brown for the 2014 NPKUA Conference.


Special days like birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween are lots of fun, but can be tricky to follow your low-protein diet. Here are some tips provided by BioMarin so you too can enjoy sweet treats while still keeping your PKU in mind.

Enjoy Sweets and Treats the Low-Protein Way

Many people with PKU eat the same foods as the rest of their family on Thanksgiving, but will avoid turkey. This helps, but the Phe content without turkey is still twice the amount that many people with PKU can have. Here are some tips provided by BioMarin to help you enjoy traditional Thanksgiving foods without compromising metabolic control.
Low-Protein Thanksgiving Tips

A traditional holiday meal has more than 30 grams of protein, and that's when the portions are small. BioMarin has put together a sample nutrient breakdown of a holiday meal and examples of how to celebrate the holidays with low-protein meals.
Celebrate the Holidays with Low-Protein Meals

PKU News has launched a brand new subscription program that allows users to quickly and easily find phe, protein and calorie information on any food in the Low Protein Food List for PKU via any mobile or other device that connects to the internet. It allows users to instantly calculate phe content based on portion size and behaves like an "app" that can reside on your mobile device.  The cost of the subscription is $48 annually.  To learn more and subscribe, go to

There are many cookbooks available full of delicious low protein recipes. Many families find that these resources are invaluable in learning how to prepare low protein food throughout many years.

For ordering information on Virginia Scheutt's cookbooks, visit Here, you can access information on ordering Low Protein Cookery for PKU, Apples to Zuchinni, as well as the printed version of the Low Protein Food List for PKU.

For ordering information for MACPAD's cookbooks, click on the Shopping Tab at

For recipes on-line visit Cook for Love at 

To order Gina Cooks Lo Pro Cuisine cookbook, email 

Disney World
To access information about dining at Disney and their programs for offering PKU meals, please click here..

Grocery Stores
Many grocery stores carry gluten free and other products that may be suitable for the PKU diet. Get to know your local grocer.  Ask them to order in products that are low protein.  To access a list of PKU friendly food at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, click here..

Eating Out
Eating out and following a restricted diet may seem like two things that do not go well together.  But dining out with PKU can be enjoyable and easy if you take time to prepare in advance.  Click here to learn easy and practical tips on dining out.

Many of these documents require Adobe PDF Reader. Click here to download if it is not installed on your computer.