A short booklet has been developed to help
adults with PKU return to diet. This booklet,
created by adults with PKU, will offer information and short simple notes to help adults on their journey. Click here to view a PDF of the
PKU Adult Booklet

The diet for PKU is a diet for life. In the early years of PKU treatment, doctors thought that patients could be taken off the diet at a young age with little or no consequences.  Sadly, we now know that is not true. Many people who have returned to treatment for PKU have reported an increase in their short and long term memory, an increase in their concentration, a decrease in depression symptoms, a decrease in mood swings and better social functioning skills.


Luckily, in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of options available to treat PKU, including better tasting and more convenient medical formula, a variety of new and delicious low protein foods and the introduction of promising drug therapies and supplements to help lower phenylalanine levels in some patients. In addition, there are several other new treatments in development, including research for an eventual cure for PKU. 

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PKU Resources.

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